Booklet Tips – Tradeshows and Tips Booklets

Tips booklets and tradeshows are ideal partners. They have been for many years, and still are today, even in the age of digital publications and social media. And that’s all true no matter what size the tradeshow is, too. There are several reasons why this is so.While attending a tradeshow is to see what products and services are currently available in a particular industry, you will often see multiple vendors in a given category and certainly related vendors at one show. One may be giving out candy to people who visit the booth; another has printed literature touting the features and benefits of their product or service; a third exhibitor has pens imprinted with their company name to give out.That’s all pretty standard fare, leaving all three to pretty much blend together in their short life in your memory. The candy is eaten. The product literature is discarded or stuck in a pile. The imprinted pen runs out of ink or stays in someone’s hand as they walk away. And if there is a printed directory, advertising journal, or electronic listing of exhibitors, they all fall short of giving much information about the companies’ offerings or ways to use them.

A booklet full of how-to tips that relate to the exhibitor’s products or services stands out from among the things other companies give out at a show or that the expo producer provides. The booklet is unique since it’s educational rather than a sales piece, though it simultaneously serves as a very soft marketing piece. You become a better informed consumer since the tips focus on ways the company’s products or services improve your life.You may want to know how much capacity a certain product has so you know if it’s a match for you. You can make a better decision about investing in it once you understand what to use that product for, in ways you may never have considered.The tips booklet can be created by one company or can be a collaborative effort among several non-competing companies. A co-authored booklet extends the reach beyond what a single company can do, and is a smaller investment of time and money for each of the collaborating exhibitors. Whether you’re exhibiting at a local 100-booth women’s business expo or 5,000 vendor kitchen and bath major industry tradeshow, solo-authored and co-authored tips booklets increase your success rate and your shelf life. You live on in the attendees’ minds long after the show is over, to contact you when the time is right.

ACTION – Create a 16-page booklet of how-to tips that represent using your products or services, complete with your contact information on and in the booklet. You will use these booklets at trade shows and in your other marketing campaigns. An easier, more cost-effective way to create a tips booklet is as a joint venture with other companies who become good marketing partners in the process. They introduce you and you introduce them every time any of you distribute the booklet anywhere.Turn Your Tips Into Products, Your Tips Products Into Moneymakers TM” © 2014 Paulette Ensign